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The dodgy road to the Qatar World Cup: Part Six

It’s the final episode in our dodgy road to the Qatar World Cup series and our final show of 2022. Don’t worry, we’re back early in the next year.

This episode looks at the fall of Sepp Blatter, features more arrests than an episode of The Wire and proves that when it comes to corruption, FIFA are on another planet.

Titus O’Reily and Mick Molloy put the final bow on this tale of money, football and people behaving like the emotion shame had never been invented.

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Titus O’Reily and Mick Molloy are on the hunt for the most bizarre stories to ever occur in the world of sport.

Sports Bizarre delves into the history of sport to find the stories that you wouldn’t believe if they hadn’t happened.

No sport is off limits, athletics, swimming, rugby, American Football, cricket, baseball, badminton, motorsports, tennis and even that sport on the ice with brooms

Sports Bizarre is available wherever you get your podcasts and on YouTube.

Titus O'Reily

Titus O'Reily

Mick Molloy

Mick Molloy

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